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Gerber Group Now Running the Show at Todd English’s Olives

English is befuddling.
English is befuddling. Photo: The Todd English Bluepoint Oyster

It looks a lot like Todd English may not be in the kitchen at his long-running Union Square W Hotel location of Olives, or Olives outposts anywhere: The Boston Globe reports the non-shocking news that Gerber Group, which already runs Lilium in the W’s underground, “took over operations” last week. A rep for the enterprising chef, in the meantime, tells the paper that the “menus, name, and concept are staying the same” — which the restaurant’s website seems to support, for now — adding it’s “just now been licensed by the Gerber Group.” Got that?

Whatever’s happening inside Olives, it is, of course, by no means the first bit of trouble that Todd English Enterprises has had recently. Last summer, the first Olives, in Boston, closed up (after English had insisted to Grub Street in April the whisperings were an “April Fool’s Day rumor”), with promises — so far unkept — that it would relocate. Shortly thereafter, English told New Yorkers to expect their own MXDC (MXNYC?), his then-new Mexican restaurant in Washington, D.C., though things haven’t exactly been that smooth lately with MXDC either.

Todd English’s NYC Olives Taken Over by the Gerber Group [Boston Globe]

Gerber Group Now Running the Show at Todd English’s Olives