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Beyond Rockefeller: 10 Hot Oyster Dishes You Will Want to Eat Immediately

Narcissa's baked oysters come with truffle-bonito butter.
Narcissa’s baked oysters come with truffle-bonito butter. Photo: Melissa Hom

While raw bars have blown up around town, the cooked-oyster dish hasn’t necessarily seen the same resurgence of popularity. But even if they aren’t a menu must-have, warm oysters are still popping up at places like Narcissa, Extra Fancy, Empire Diner, and Dover. Whether you like them baked, fried, broiled, or served with corn-bread stuffing, Grub has you covered with these ten excellent hot-oyster dishes.

John Fraser bakes oysters, and then tops them with truffle-bonito butter, melted cabbage, and breadcrumbs.
Price: $16

Adam Platt is a fan of Dover’s broiled oysters, which are “hand-picked for size and flavor.” What really makes them, though, is the rich, Béarnaise-like Choron sauce.
Price: $3 each

The Clam
At Mike Price’s new restaurant, he makes a modern version of oysters Rockefeller with absinthe, green onion, and cracker crumbs.
Price: $11

M. Wells Dinette
Oysters Bolognese, named “Best Oysters” in last year’s Best of New York issue, are topped with a pork-and-beef sauce and then baked in the oven.
Price: $8

Extra Fancy
This Williamsburg seafood restaurant, which just named Sean Telo as the new executive chef, serves roasted oysters with corn-bread stuffing.
Price: $14

Wood-grilled oysters with pickles and black pepper are as warm and comforting as this Prospect Heights favorite.
Price: $16

Ristorante Morini
Michael’s White newest restaurant offers cauliflower soup with crispy oysters, sturgeon caviar, and crema fresca.
Price: $23

The Runner
At this new Clinton Hill restaurant, you’ll find roasted oysters simply prepared with maître d’butter.
Price: $14

This southern restaurant serves hay-roasted oysters with salsify and pickled shallots.
Price: $14

Empire Diner
Amanda Freitag’s cooking a new-look oyster pan roast with pork belly, poached oysters, potatoes, and, best of all, a slice of toasted pumpernickel bread.
Price: $16

Beyond Rockefeller: 10 Hot Oyster Dishes You Will Want to Eat Immediately