Aluminum Foiled Again

NYC Has a Rogue Hot Dog Vendor on the Loose

He's got a tube steak arsenal.
He’s got a tube steak arsenal. Photo: Rollingrck/Wikimedia

The Post introduces us to a mysterious food -art proprietor named Ehab Elsayed, who allegedly sold thousands of hot dogs under many noms de saucisse over the last decade, all while accruing more than 400 summonses and some $330,000 in fines. The paper reports that his violations stem from health-code infractions to vending without a license to selling hot dogs on restricted streets. Elsayed’s license was revoked four times, the Post says, and he was even brought up on felony forgery and “other charges” during a 2012 brush with the law that seemed to signal that his hot dog days were over.

That ended, strangely enough, with Manhattan Supreme Court reducing the charges and sealing his case records; now there’s a warrant out for his arrest and he’s nowhere to be found. At this point the sauerkraut trail goes cold, and we’d like to imagine that the word on the street is that Elsayed’s gone soft — with soft pretzels.

You dirty dog! Hunt on for renegade food vendor [New York Post]

NYC Has a Rogue Hot Dog Vendor on the Loose