Coffee Shop Staffed Entirely by Shirtless Dudes Opening in Spokane

They call him
They call him “coffee” because he’s grinding all the time. Photo: James BO Insogna/Shutterstock

Tomorrow, 28-year-old entrepreneur Chris Mullins will debut Hot Cup of Joe, his take on the Pacific Northwest’s grand tradition of “bikini barista” shops, which generally employ scantily dressed women to serve coffee and espresso drinks at drive-through windows. It’s par for the course that our nation’s ever-expanding coffee-shop culture would occasionally give way to these kind of mutagenic and/or misogynistic offshoots, but Mullins says that having a bunch of shirtless dudes stand around and pull shots is an attempt at restitution.

“This is something the women have been crying out for for a while,” he tells the Spokesman-Review. It is men, however, who get a $1 discount for visiting, and meanwhile, the pants are coming off, too, eventually, so it won’t be long now before the Hot Cup of Joe guys will be making lattes wearing nothing but “cute, classy underwear.” Just don’t expect thongs, though, because that’s taking it way too far. “There’s not going to be any implied nudity,” says Mullins, which is a funny thing to hear from someone opening a coffee shop where baristas will be working in nothing but their underwear.

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Coffee Shop Staffed Entirely by Shirtless Dudes Opening in Spokane