U.K. Restaurant Introduces Paradigm-Shifting Flambé Burger

“It’s not a dish for shrinking violets.” Photo: Haché Burger

London-based Haché has four locations with similar menus, but has recently been dabbling in setting hamburgers on fire at its Shoreditch branch, thus breaking open a brand new niche in an otherwise worn-out food category. The restaurant starts with a patty made from Scottish beef on brioche, adds bacon, smoked sausage, grape chutney, arugula, pickled onions, “Haché sauce,” and Camembert. Then, from the looks of things, comes the streaming inferno of flaming liquor poured directly onto the hamburger, Blue Blazer—style, at the table, creating a veritable fixins’ bonfire.

On one hand, the so-called Dauville burger is just an extension of traditional Steak Diane, but it’s funnier, not to mention potentially hazardous, because there’s also a modernist hamburger geekery angle built in to its execution.

“This extension of the Maillard reaction increased the sweetness of the meat ensuring the flavour was not lost alongside the multitude of other ingredients,” writes Hot Dinners, which adds the off-menu hamburger is “not a dish for shrinking violets.” It’s currently available Mondays for a limited time, but you can probably expect to hear about knockoff versions served elsewhere any moment now. Just stay safe out there, all you hamburger flamethrowers.

Fire your buns - trying out the Flambé Burger at Haché [Hot Dinners]

U.K. Restaurant Introduces Paradigm-Shifting Flambé Burger