Minneapolis’s Famed 400 Bar Reopening in the Mall of America

Going to the mall.
Going to the mall. Photo: 400 Club

“I see it as the equivalent of McDonald’s offering artisanal cheese,” musician Adam Levy commented on the news that the grungy Minneapolis bar and live-music venue 400 Bar will reopen on the Mall of America’s fourth floor this summer, with a 9,000-square-foot restaurant component opening in September. For decades, the original 400 Bar was a noted folk and blues club, becoming a Twin Cities paragon of indie rock, hosting everyone from Alex Chilton to the White Stripes in its last seventeen years, before closing for good in late 2012. There’s no word yet if the lightly scuffed tables, expansive sticker collection, and inspirational wall scribblings will be part of the new space, but in the meantime, outraged fans of the original establishment have banded together on Twitter with the #400BarAtTheMall hashtag, which combines band names and chain stores, to vent. Some good ones, straight ahead.

Tenacious DSW #400BarAtTheMall— Mitch Anderson (@mandersonMN) February 5, 2014

30 Seconds To Marshalls #400BarAtTheMall— jeremyryancarr (@jeremyryancarr) February 5, 2014

Baja Sol Asylum #400BarAtTheMall— LL Selado (@grunge_sponge) February 5, 2014

The National House of Pancakes #400BarAtTheMall— Jodi Trotta (@pinswithfury) February 5, 2014

Taco Bell & Sebastian. That’s all I’ve got. #400BarAtTheMall— Mac Wilson (@cinatyte) February 4, 2014

Superchunk E. Cheese’s #400BarAtTheMall— Chris Steller (@chris_steller) February 5, 2014

CinnaBon Iver #400BarAtTheMall— Adam Kollasch (@BadEnoughDude) February 4, 2014

Scruffy 400 Bar will be reborn as a splashy Mall of America club

Minneapolis’s Famed 400 Bar Reopening in the Mall of America