Restaurant Valet Fired for Writing ‘Jungle Fever’ on Customers’ Ticket

Otherwise impeccable service.
Otherwise impeccable service. Photo: iStockphoto

A couple dining out at a Georgia restaurant on New Year’s Day had just handed the valet a big tip for his admirable service when they saw that someone, presumably the same worker, had scrawled the words “Jungle Fever” on the valet ticket still attached to their keys. Candea Samuels, who is one half of the interracial couple, is sure the tag was left on purpose. “The boldness,” she tells WTVM. “To put something like this on a card, attach it to your customer’s key chain in such a way that they are sure it is not going to fall off, and that they are actually going to get this piece of paper and read it. Who does that, January 1, 2014, who does that?” The valet company, which is contracted out by the restaurant, says it has fired the employee for his “poor taste.” If he’s parking cars anywhere else today, let’s hope he’s sticking to tags like “green Fiesta” and “tan BMW.” [WTVM]

Restaurant Valet Fired for Writing ‘Jungle Fever’ on