Sriracha Company Mulling Over Move to Philly, Anyhow

Philly-bound. Photo: Amazon

In the midst of an ongoing lawsuit from the City of Irwindale and a court order to cease some production at the old hot-sauce factory — that’s up to 200,000 fewer bottles of sriracha a day — it seems as though the West Coast is beginning to grate on Huy Fong Foods founder David Tran, who went a little crazy with the new custom banner hanging outside the factory.

Yikes — that probably cost a lot. Odor experts must now track down the source of hot-sauce smells on the premises, a painstaking and somewhat boring-sounding process, so it’s no wonder that the increased scrutiny is prompting Tran to consider relocating to Philadelphia, of all places. A councilman-at-large sent a letter of support to the Huy Fong founder and asked him to consider a move. After all, cheesesteaks and sriracha were meant to be together, and all that. “Before we even consider such a huge endeavor of moving, we would need to first research things like what the health department regulations are regarding acidized foods in Pennsylvania,” he wrote back. That’s not a no.

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Sriracha Company Mulling Over Move to Philly, Anyhow