Gwynnett St. Owner Responds to Daily News ‘Drug Dealer’ Accusation

Gwynnett St.
Gwynnett St. Photo: Elliot Black

The owner of popular and well-regarded Williamsburg restaurant Gwynnett St. tells Eater that yesterday’s Daily News and Post stories depicting him as a Walter White–style drug supplier turned informant are nothing but sensationalist yarns: “I would like to state for the record this entire episode stems from a tragic abuse by someone I have known for years,” he writes, in a terse, one-paragraph statement. McCoy goes on to say that a friend had asked him to receive a package for him; McCoy refused, and suggests that the newspapers’ accounts are distorted interpretations of Brooklyn Supreme Court documents that describe him “working together with the appropriate authorities” to resolve the incident. [Eater NY, Earlier]

Gwynnett St. Owner Responds to Daily News ‘Drug Dealer’