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Watch the Trailer for Farang, a ‘Full-on’ Andy Ricker Documentary

Photo: Vice

This is great: Vice is working on a feature-length documentary about Pok Pok’s Andy Ricker, the tallest, blondest Thai chef working today. (As Vice informs us, the title, Farang, is the Thai word for “white foreigner,” Ricker’s nickname.) If you’re familiar with the Ricker lore, you know what to expect: Tons of food porn, a look at the rise of the Pok Pok empire, a trip to Thailand, and cameos from writers like Peter Meehan and Ricker’s cookbook co-author (and friend of Grub Street) JJ Goode. Watch the clip straight ahead and expect the full movie to appear sometime next year.

Farang, the Story of Chef Andy Ricker [Vice]

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Watch the Trailer for Farang, a ‘Full-on’ Andy Ricker