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Sammy Hagar’s Daughter Allegedly Stiffed Cabo Wabo Server Out of Tip

White-hot scandal.
White-hot scandal. Photo: imgur

So, the year is about to run out of hours completely, and we thought we’d get to 2014 without another faux-shocking incident centered on a statement-making receipt plucked from the restaurant world becoming Internet famous. But no, here’s this story on Reddit that alleges the daughter of Sammy Hagar visited her father’s Hollywood restaurant but was so unimpressed by the service that she left a note in lieu of a tip. “Next time, be aware of whose daughter your serving [sic],” it read.

While conspiracy theorists try to determine if Sammy Hagar’s daughter did in fact visit Cabo Wabo last night — Why didn’t she order tequila? Is it really believable that Sammy Hagar’s daughter would order fish tacos? — others have been arguing that the incident is simply further proof that David Lee Roth was the best-ever Van Halen singer (and that no one ever votes for Gary Cherrone). Somewhere offline, maybe in a municipal parking lot, Sammy Hagar’s daughter’s former English teacher weeps.

Still, with this, we’ve learned one thing, or at least seen the future: If 2012 was the year of racist restaurant receipts and 2013 was all about hateful, uncatchy sermonizing (and some fakery), then 2014 is decidedly the year that adult children of celebrity restaurant owners officially get into the act. And it’s officially your move, children of Mike Ditka.

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Sammy Hagar’s Daughter Allegedly Stiffed Cabo Wabo Server Out of Tip