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Pappy Van Winkle Seekers Waiting Hours for Bourbon

Watch the Pappy.
Watch the Pappy.

Though some seemed to have gotten an early distribution of the coveted Pappy Van Winkle bourbon whiskey a bit early this year, legally and otherwise, Tuesday was “Pappy Day” in Kentucky, otherwise known as release day, so naturally, drinkers flocked to their nearest Liquor Barns in hopes of scoring a 15-, 20-, or 23-year-aged bottle of bourbon. (Meanwhile, others have moved onto the less expensive 7-year W.L. Weller as an alternative, which Julian Van Winkle himself says “is very close to ours.”) In any event, there’s definitely a short supply out there, even if no one solves the mystery of the 65 missing cases and the bourbon bandit remains at large. Straight ahead, seven photos of crazy-long liquor-store lines.

Getting a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle is going to be harder than finding a gold iPhone on launch day #bourbon #Whiskey pic.twitter.com/X2RFtsQKAV— Ian Beacraft (@Ianbcraft) October 31, 2013

@KySportsRadio Pappy Van Winkle released in Kentucky today. Liquor Barn lines are long. pic.twitter.com/Dh7nAu0qIl— Keith Wilkerson ™ (@grandepdre) November 12, 2013

#pappyvanwinkle Day in Lexington! People waiting in line for hours @liquorbarn @pappyvanwinkle limited quantities. pic.twitter.com/Jz89PlasOx— iheartbourbon (@i_heart_bourbon) November 12, 2013

Check out the line in @liquorbarn Richmond road in Lexington KY for Pappy Van Winkle. @pappyvanwinkle pic.twitter.com/i6EST7WzFD— Walt Arnett (@waltarnett) November 12, 2013

Are you in line for Pappy? Good luck! pic.twitter.com/xZeCgHKMOp— The Bourbon Babe (@carlacarlton) November 12, 2013

Waiting in line for @pappyvanwinkle at @TotalWine #PappyTracker pic.twitter.com/9823ieHKSm— C McKnight (@CaMcKnight) November 12, 2013

#pappyvanwinkle Day in #Lexington if you are lucky enough to get a bottle. pic.twitter.com/RxUMYYoOJi— Lexington,KY (@lexingtonkycom) November 12, 2013

Looks like the @ORVWDistillery Pappy Van Winkle has arrived in Lexington… pic.twitter.com/KEiUEx9S3N— Bourbon Hunter (@BourbonHunter) November 13, 2013

Another day in KY, another line for @ORVWDistillery Pappy Van Winkle pic.twitter.com/ZtXyZFVDn8— Bourbon Hunter (@BourbonHunter) November 15, 2013

@BeauBishop my buddy works for a distributor in town…holiday shelves should be stocked with some pappy van winkle pic.twitter.com/PQj3DJpDAZ— Nate Nance (@groundhogn8) November 13, 2013

Pappy Van Winkle score. #PappyWatch2013 pic.twitter.com/HYqIsWgTvt— Oakley (@Portland207) November 11, 2013

Someone Stole 65 Cases of Ultra-Rare Pappy Van Winkle Whiskey

Pappy Van Winkle Seekers Waiting Hours for Bourbon