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Family Refuses to Tip Restaurant Server With Offensive Gay ‘Lifestyle’

Just a few weeks after a server at an Overland Park, Kansas, Italian restaurant received a bigoted note explaining that the service was just fine but he wouldn’t be getting tipped because he just seemed a little too gay, it’s happened somewhere else: This time, a family closing out after a meal at Bridgewater, New Jersey’s Gallop Asian Bistro left only the $93.55 for food and drink, and nothing else besides the matriarch’s cursive non-explanation on the receipt, which noted that the server’s offensive “lifestyle” meant she wouldn’t be getting a tip.

Hey, she forgot to fill out the customer survey on the bottom.Photo: Have a Gay Day/Facebook

As noted in several places now, server “Dayna M.” is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran. The note she received, with no other explanation, reads, “I’m sorry I cannot tip because I do not agree with your lifestyle & the way you live your life.”

Dayna has since gone on to post a message on Facebook explaining that the encounter hurt and angered her. “Not gonna lie,” she wrote, “if kids weren’t there it would of [sic] been a totally different story.”

The case for the no-tip movement continues, in a way. At least it would take away all sorts of unhinged guests’ chances to play moral and religious screed Mad Libs beneath the “tax” and “subtotal” lines on dinner checks.

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Family Refuses to Tip Restaurant Server With Offensive Gay