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$113,000 Worth of Booze Stolen in Massive British Liquor Heist

Have you seen this man?
Have you seen this man? Photo: iStock photo

Earlier this month, a group of burglars made off with £70,000 worth of alcohol from a haulage yard in England,* carting the loot through a fence and then through a neighboring field. The big score included “1,314 litre bottles of Gordon’s gin, 912 71ml bottles and 120 500ml bottles of Baileys, 744 litre bottles of Bell’s original whisky and 540 litre bottles of Smirnoff blue vodka.”

All of the liquor was destined for the duty-free shops in Manchester Airport, but now they’re possibly being combined somewhere to make a massively gross drink. The heist is certainly one for the food-heist ages. Though looking at all these robberies in a row … what if they’re all connected? And there’s some big contraband feast happening right now? Where Nutella and booze flow freely and everyone has more Muenster than they could ever want? [Irish Trucker News, Related]

*This post has been corrected to show the heist occured in England, not Ireland.

$113,000 Worth of Booze Stolen in Massive British Liquor Heist