Chefs and Restaurateurs React to News of Charlie Trotter’s Death on Twitter

Trotter, last year, at one of his
Trotter, last year, at one of his “farewell dinners.” Photo: Courtesy of Sky Full of Bacon

The pioneering Chicago chef Charlie Trotter died this morning at the age of 54, and while local authorities are only beginning to piece together what happened in his final hours, Trotter’s peers have already responded with an outpouring of respect and kind words. “Towering loss,” Danny Meyer wrote, while Mario Batali was quick to call Trotter his “dear pal and comrade” while lamenting the news. Straight ahead, reactions from kitchens around the country.

Charlie trotter….sad.— Dave Chang (@davidchang) November 5, 2013

I still remember buying the first Charlie Trotter book and being totally enamored, amazed and enthralled. Heartfelt condolences.— hugh acheson (@HughAcheson) November 5, 2013

Charlie Trotter dead at 54…. wow. Very sad.— nick kokonas (@nickkokonas) November 5, 2013

CHARLIE TROTTER: chef, mentor, trailblazer, philosopher, artist, teacher, leader. He now belongs to the ages.— GRAHAM ELLIOT (@grahamelliot) November 5, 2013

Say it ain’t so one of the reasons I cook, Charlie Trotter R.I.P— Dale Talde (@DaleTalde) November 5, 2013

saddened to hear that the world has lost Charlie Trotter chef and mentor to so many chefs.— Jonathon Sawyer (@chefsawyer) November 5, 2013

RIP Chef Charlie Trotter and God Bless the Trotter family. Chicago and the World have lost a great Chef…— Rick Tramonto (@cheftramonto) November 5, 2013

God bless Chef Charlie Trotter’s family.Chicago and America lost a bright lightXOArt and Jesus— Chef Art Smith (@ChefArtSmith) November 5, 2013

Towering loss. “@juliamoskin: RIP chef Charlie Trotter, age just 54. Great loss for culinary world”— Danny Meyer (@dhmeyer) November 5, 2013

Charlie Trotter passes away. Kinda at a loss for words. Even without ever meeting him, he was a big inspiration.— Justin Yu (@tetsujustin) November 5, 2013

Rest In Peace Chef Trotter.— alex stupak (@alexstupak) November 5, 2013

Chef Charlie trotter rip. u were a true inspiration all over the world. A pioneer. Thankyou for everything.— Ken Oringer (@kenoringer) November 5, 2013

Very sad day in the chef community #charlietrotter influence on young American chef was tremendous and inspiring .he will be missed greatly— Daniel Boulud (@DanielBoulud) November 5, 2013

So sad ! lost a great friend and an inspiration for the Art of Cooking . Chef Charlie Trotter , condolences to the family— JG Vongerichten (@jeangeorges) November 5, 2013

All our love and prayers to Rochelle… Her husbands passing is heartbreaking. #charlietrotter— Andrew Zimmern (@andrewzimmern) November 5, 2013

Holy sadness, my dear pal and comrade @charlietrotter has died. May he RIP , he will be sorely missed 😢💔. #shocked— Mario Batali (@Mariobatali) November 5, 2013

Charlie Trotter what a huge loss.— Shawn Burnette (@3starstudent) November 5, 2013

Sorry to hear of the passing of Chef Charlie Trotter. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.— Tom Colicchio (@tomcolicchio) November 5, 2013

Did I ever tell you the best part about working for Charlie Trotter?— Homaro Cantu (@Homarocantu) November 5, 2013

All of us here are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of culinary great Charlie Trotter.— Wolfgang Puck (@WolfgangBuzz) November 5, 2013

RIP Chef Charlie Trotter.— Ted Allen (@ChopTedAllen) November 5, 2013

Charlie Trotter was very, very nice to me in 1992. A true force in the early American chef scene #RIP— Andrew Carmellini (@andrecarmellini) November 5, 2013

Nvr 4get I met Chef Trotter 1 summer in ACK. Afraid, I finally blurted “Vegetables” changed my life!” “You’re holding knife wrong” he said.— Matthew Jennings (@matthewjennings) November 5, 2013

Charlie Trotter Has Died

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