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Carnegie Deli Owner’s Husband Was Unfaithful in Cheesecake, Too

Pillow talk.
Pillow talk. Photo: Carnegie Deli

More heaping portions of very strange behavior at Carnegie Deli today: Marian Levine, who owns the midtown institution, can sue her husband and try to deport his mistress, but getting all those lost trade secrets back is going to be another thing entirely. An anonymous caller tipped Levine off to thousands of dollars’ worth of inventory that was shipped to Thailand, where a totally unsanctioned Carnegie Deli spinoff in Bangkok just so happened to open to immediate acclaim a few years back.

Levine says her husband’s mistress and “visiting relatives” had gotten an insidery, behind-the-scenes tour of the New Jersey pastrami plant where Carnegie Deli’s recipes are produced, so she says there will likely be a few more lawsuits on the horizon. Now that her husband is out the picture, however, at least something good has come out of this: Carnegie Deli has now switched over from wan iceberg lettuce to the more robust romaine. “We have no room for romaine lettuce!” husband Sandy used to say, apparently.

Carnegie Deli owner: Waitress stole my hubby, recipes [NYP]
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Carnegie Deli Owner’s Husband Was Unfaithful in Cheesecake, Too