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Most Terrifying Burger of All Time Is Sold at Lotteria in Japan

Don't do it.
Don’t do it. Photo: Courtesy of Lotteria

The same Japanese fast-food chain that introduced scary milk shakes and the ramen burger — the one where noodles stand in for the patty, not the next-generation version — has seemingly now outdone itself with the “With Everything Burger,” an $11 behemoth built on solid cheeseburger foundation, then layered with a bonus beef patty, a fried shrimp patty, a boneless rib slab, fried egg, more cheese, pickles, lettuce, cabbage, and three kinds of sauces to add some much-needed white noise, or maybe mouthfeel, who knows? It weighs in at 1,449 calories, but how scary is it in real life?

ロッテリアの全部のせバーガーだと……— せら (@seramix_) October 11, 2013

ロッテリアの全部のせバーガー!— Johee (@Ktmr323) October 11, 2013

Never mind, false alarm. It seems the “With Everything Burger” isn’t even the chain’s most calorific burger-thing. That honor seemingly goes to Lotteria’s “Exquisite Cheese Burger,” a semi-limited-edition towering inferno of cheese goo and five beef patties. We’ll hold out for that one.

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Most Terrifying Burger of All Time Is Sold at Lotteria in Japan