Holy Ghost

People Upset About Chicago Bar’s Wine-Glazed, Communion-Wafer-Topped Burger

Profane? Photo: Courtesy of Kuma’s Corner/Facebook

Chicago restaurant Kuma’s Corner just introduced this goat burger that happens to be drizzled with reduced red wine and garnished with a single communion wafer. As you might have guessed, some people are upset by the juxtaposition of sacred things and daily specials. “Your food must not be very good if this is how low you have to stoop to sell a burger,” writes one Facebook user. Of course, the gimmick is in line with the restaurant’s habit of introducing metal-themed hamburgers — in this case, it’s Swedish band Ghost, which “performs pop hymns that glorify and glamorise the disgusting and sacrilegious” — and Kuma’s operations director says that because the wafers are unconsecrated, the garnish is really “just a cracker” and no one should take offense. On the other hand, patrons might want to check out the size of that domelike brioche bun, which, in proportion to the patty size and the accompanying $17 price tag, seems perhaps more genuinely blasphemous. [Chicago Tribune via Maura Johnston/Twitter]

People Upset About Chicago Bar’s Wine-Glazed, Communion-Wafer-Topped