Photographer Makes Amazing Desserts Inspired by Famous Artists

Koons Twinkies; Rothko ice-cream cake.
Koons Twinkies; Rothko ice-cream cake. Photo: Sarah Ward

New York–based photographer Sarah Anne Ward works with clients like MoMA and J.Crew, but it’s her side project that’s captured Grub Street’s attention: Ward combines a love of desserts with an extensive art-history knowledge to create mind-blowing sweets like a Jeff Koons balloon dog made out of Twinkies, or abstract expressionist Rice Krispie treats, à la Jackson Pollock. “I don’t even remember how I first got the idea for this project,” she tells Grub Street. “But the Rothko ice-cream cake was my first in the series.” Take a look at more pics from the series, straight ahead.

The Cubist movement (Picasso/Braque) pinwheel cookies. Photo: Sarah Ward

Ward says much of her inspiration comes from research: “When approaching each dessert, I always pull out my good ol’ art-history book and dive in.” Then Ward recruits one of her food-stylist friends, who make sure everything is edible. “These are ways that you can actually prepare food for people,” she explains. “It’s not just making the picture with the food; it’s making it in a way that it can be served, eaten, and also recognizable.”

Mondrian Jell-O mold. Photo: Sarah Ward; food-styled by Michelle Gatton

Ward says she’s next working on making a Calder mobile out of rock candy and a Salvador Dalí–inspired s’more with oozing marshmallows. While she has no plans to turn this side project into an exhibit, prints are available upon request. “You don’t necessarily get to be super creative when shooting a recipe,” she says. “But I want to see how far I can push this.”

Pollock Rice Krispie treats. Photo: Sarah Ward; food-styled by Heather Meldrom

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Photographer Makes Amazing Desserts Inspired by Famous Artists