Coney Island Avenue’s Doomed Rasputin Goes by ‘Romanoff’ Now

Sympathy for the sign maker.
Sympathy for the sign maker. Photo: Courtesy of Sheepshead Bites

The cabaret-size hole in Brooklyn left by the sudden government seizure and subsequent closure of megalithic restaurant-club Rasputin back in May is about to be rectified with the introduction of Romanoff, an equally megalithic restaurant-club at the exact same Coney Island Avenue address. Rasputin closed in May after co-owner Michael Levitis was indicted for defrauding customers out of more than $2 million through a bogus debt-relief company.

In addition to the whole Tsar Nicholas–Rasputin thing the restaurant’s partners have going on with the new name, guests who genuinely missed the pelmeni and high-kicking cancan routines may appreciate this other historical tidbit: Sheepshead Bites notes that Romanoff Restaurant was also the name of a glitzy L.A. eatery in the fifties that was owned by an alleged nephew of Tsar Nicholas II — until it was discovered that he was just some guy from Lithuania. Let’s hope none of this bodes ill for the new owners, or their borscht.

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Coney Island Avenue’s Doomed Rasputin Goes by ‘Romanoff’ Now