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Jamie Oliver’s ‘Cathedral to Fire’ Restaurant Actually Caught Fire

Spit happens.
Spit happens. Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images; Courtesy of Barbecoa

Flames reportedly broke out in the duct work at Barbecoa, Jamie Oliver’s restaurant next to St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, causing a rapidly expanding fire. There have been no reported injuries, but 150 people were evacuated from the New Change shopping center during the blaze, and four fire engines and more than twenty firefighters had to be called in to put it out. Barbecoa bills itself as a “cathedral to fire and food,” and its kitchen is outfitted with smokers, grills, spits, and pits. “As you sit at your table overlooking St. Paul’s Cathedral,” its website notes, “you’ll feel the heat, see the flames lick and the smoke drift upwards from our open kitchen.” How prescient. [Guardian UK]

Jamie Oliver’s ‘Cathedral to Fire’ Restaurant Actually Caught