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Barbecue-Chain Worker Fired for Insulting Native Americans With Sign

Plain wrong.
Plain wrong. Photo: Facebook

An employee at the Bismarck, North Dakota, location of barbecue chain Famous Dave’s was fired for a Facebook post calling Native Americans bad tippers. The incriminating photo showed the employee looking glum and holding a piece of cardboard that read, “Help I’m a server at Famous Dave’s on Pow Wow weekend! Anything helps! 5 cents 25 cents! It’s more than my tips.”

Employee Andrea Casson, who has since been fired, claimed she didn’t make the sign, which was designed to look like something a panhandler would carry — she just posed with it. What’s more, she explained to the local television news crew, was that the photo was intended for Snapchat, where it would self-destruct in a minute or so, and certainly not Facebook, where it would cause a near-immediate furor on the same weekend many thousands gather annually for the local, four-day United Tribes International Powwow.

Famous Dave himself is of Native American heritage and served as assistant secretary for Indian Affairs in the Department of the Interior. On TV, an apologetic Casson said she takes “full responsibility” for the incident, describing it as something she “chose to do,” and meanwhile, one other restaurant employee lost her job over the photo. The Bismark Police Department tells local NBC affiliate KMOT that the family received threats after the story went viral.

Restaurant Staff Make Facebook Meme Calling Native Americans Bad Tippers, Get Fired

Barbecue-Chain Worker Fired for Insulting Native Americans With Sign