Chobani Pulls ‘Swollen,’ ‘Fizzy’ Yogurt From Stores

Cho big deal.
Cho big deal. Photo: Chobani

Is your yogurt fizzing? Bulging out of its little plastic cup? It’s not some newfangled flavor — the brand is recalling an errant batch produced in its Idaho facility. Chobani says the affected yogurt, which one disgruntled customer described as “ready to pop,” may have been tainted with mold, which may have inadvertently imparted the Greek yogurt with “sharp, almost tingling” flavors reminiscent of old “wine” or just something “really old.” The company says only cups stamped with the code 16-012 and specific expiration dates have been affected, but let the record show that this is not an official recall.

Chobani says it’s now “issuing coupons for fresh cups so our fans can quickly get back to spooning their favorite flavors.” In other weird-things-come-in-convenient-packages news, you may also want to watch out the next time you open some Swanson chicken broth. The can may actually contain SpaghettiOs.

Chobani Pulls Gross Yogurts Off Store Shelves, Not A Recall [Consumerist]
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Chobani Pulls ‘Swollen,’ ‘Fizzy’ Yogurt From Stores