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Ramen Burger Sells Out at Smorgasburg

Sugoi! Photo: Courtesy of Ramen Burger/Facebook

Chef Keizo Shimamoto’s ramen burger made its Smorgasburg debut on Saturday, and despite the rain and the well-publicized finite supply (150 burgers in all), a huge line formed and the crowd apparently waited patiently for the novelty, which is a hamburger that substitutes two flattened hemispheres of fried ramen noodles for traditional buns. Our friends at Bedford + Bowery note that more than 50 people had queued up before the market’s 11 a.m. opening time, and while early reactions were mixed, they seemed to be mostly positive. Straight ahead, a video of the line, which snaked through the market and seemingly had no end.

“We learned a lot today, and IF we do get to do this again someday we’ll be better prepared,” Shimamoto wrote on his blog after the event. Something tells us they’re at least going to give it a try.

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[Bedford + Bowery]
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Ramen Burger Sells Out at Smorgasburg