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Ontario Restaurant Refuses Service to Couple With Baby Stroller

Seriously? Photo: iStockphoto

A married Canadian couple and their 16-month-old daughter were turned away from a Brompton, Ontario, establishment called Flips one recent, totally-not-busy morning at 7:30 a.m. because the restaurant apparently has a rigid policy against baby strollers, Sun News reports. Along with skateboards and Rollerblades, Flips doesn’t allow strollers out of vague insurance concerns and “safety issues,” according to a manager named Bill, who declined to elaborate on what we’re going to assume must have been a very dark time in the restaurant’s past when a fearsome clique of drag-racing babies ruled the dining room with recklessness and weaponized rattles, Mad Max–style.

An official tells the news service that the restaurant’s refusal of service might amount to a violation of the Ontario Human Rights Code, and meanwhile, Jason Desroches and his wife, Andrea, say they’re planning a “peaceful protest” outside of Flips sometime soon. But perhaps they should just move to Brooklyn, where strollers dominate all thoroughfares, and brunch-slinging restaurants happily put up with all kinds of parents — including those who bring their own cribs.

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Ontario Restaurant Refuses Service to Couple With Baby Stroller