Shark Week Cocktails at Amigos and Slide; Happy Hour at JBird

JBird is doing happy hour for the first time ever. Now you can get drinks for $8 between 5:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. Monday to Saturday. And on Sunday, the specials start at 5:30 and go until 12:30 a.m. [Grub Street]

Dunkin’ Donuts is setting up shop right in the heart of Williamsburg at Bedford Avenue and North 7th Street. Locals are already grumbling about the chain taking up prime real estate: “I just expected something a little more fancy or original or hip.” [DNAinfo]

• If you’re celebrating Shark Week with the Discovery Channel, stop by Slide for its Deadliest Batch cocktail, available all Shark Week long. If you’re swimming upstream, Amigos in Morningside Heights is offering a Shark Attack cocktail. Both are available Sunday, August 4, through Sunday, August 11. [Grub Street]

Momofuku has two cocktail classes coming up to help you quench that end-of-summer thirst. Learn about the at-home survival guide from bar manager John Debary on August 10, or professional bar techniques from Tristan Willey on August 24. There’s more info here. [Grub Street]

• Brooklyn Grange farm and Ted & Honey Parker Red kitchens are teaming up for a rooftop farm-to-fork dinner. Early-bird tickets for the August 15 meal are $125. [Grub Street]

Shark Week Cocktails at Amigos and Slide; Happy Hour at JBird