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Lo and Behold: The McWrap Is Actually Significant

Sandwich or sleeping bag?
Sandwich or sleeping bag? Photo: Courtesy of Bloomberg Businessweek

While McDonald’s new focus on health food seems like a shtick, Bloomberg Businessweek is arguing that the made-to-order chicken McWrap is vital to the company — regardless of sales. “The McWrap is a fusion of the fresh and the machined,” explains writer Susan Berfield. “When a McWrap is made correctly, it’s assembled in 60 seconds, and the lettuce and chicken peek out of the top, suggesting farm-to-table freshness.” The $3.99 McWrap is also the first McDonald’s item made with cucumbers, which gives the company the power to change the nation’s supply of the fruit.

What’s also interesting is that the key player behind the McWrap is a serious chef: Dan Coudreaut graduated with top honors from the Culinary Institute of America, oversaw the kitchen at the Four Seasons Resort and Club in Dallas, and is excited to eat at Momofuku soon. He wanted to produce an Asian McWrap with a daikon radish slaw, “but it was a little niche.” To his dismay, he had to settle for ranch dressing. He works for McDonald’s, after all.

Even if customers don’t buy the McWrap, it still serves an important purpose: manipulation. Regardless of what people end up ordering, they can’t blame the chain for not offering fresh, healthy options. “Customers may forgive themselves a little more for showing up at McDonald’s,” says Berfield. Jennifer Aniston definitely would have preferred a McWrap over a Big Mac.

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Lo and Behold: The McWrap Is Actually Significant