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McDonald’s Now Sells ‘Quarter Pounder Jewelry’ Burgers in Japan

Scary truffles.
Scary truffles. Photo: Courtesy of McDonald’s

Craving a burger with black-truffle sauce, Emmental cheese, grilled onions, and mushrooms? Look no further than McDonald’s Black Diamond Quarter Pounder. Seriously: The chain’s selling limited-edition “premium” burgers in Japan. The Gold Ring comes with pineapple, bacon, Monterey Jack cheese, and barbecue sauce, and the Ruby Spark is topped with chorizo, avocado, and Pepper Jack cheese. These patties cost 1,000 yen, or close to $10, and you can add fries and a soda for $2 extra to make a “Jewelry Set.” One McDonald’s outpost even set up a special V.I.P. seating area for its blingy customers. Treat yo’self. [Rocket News, Kotaku]

McDonald’s Now Sells ‘Quarter Pounder Jewelry’ Burgers in