MasterChef Finalist Josh Marks ‘Turned Into God’ by Gordon Ramsay, Arrested by Police

Josh Marks,
Josh Marks, Photo: Courtesy of Chef Josh Marks/Facebook

University of Chicago police confronted MasterChef season-three runner-up Josh Marks on Monday after he was spotted trying to make a phone call on an emergency phone. After officers asked about cuts on his face, Marks allegedly “lunged” at one officer and attempted to grab his gun, TMZ reports. It reportedly took five officers and a lot of pepper spray to arrest Marks, who later told authorities he had been possessed by Gordon Ramsay, whom he described as an “asshole” who had “transformed him into God.” The investigation is ongoing, but the gossip site reports there was no evidence of drugs in Marks’s system, and we’re just going to posit that none of this ever would have happened if the young chef had just been a contestant on the mild-mannered American Baking Competition instead. [TMZ]

MasterChef Finalist Josh Marks ‘Turned Into God’ by Gordon