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Domino’s Follows Up Massive Lawsuit With Really Wonderful Deal on Pizza

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Across the country, unprecedented numbers of low-wage workers are striking and walking out of Wendy’s, Burger King, and all kinds of other fast-food franchise restaurants to raise awareness for their situation, and yesterday, three law firms filed a suit against a major Domino’s franchisee in Mississippi and Louisiana for allegedly failing to pay delivery drivers minimum wage. But hey, what’s this? The pizza chain is running a “quick, limited-time deal” where pizzas ordered online are 50 percent off.

The law firms represent workers from up to 138 Domino’s Pizza franchises in Mississippi and Louisiana operated by RPM Pizza, LLC, who may not actually make minimum wage when factoring in the added and inexorable cost of uncompensated automobile expenses, like gas, oil, repairs, and insurance. The lawsuit was filed in the United States District Court, Southern District of Mississippi, and may affect thousands of past and current employees.

Coincidence or not, the pizza chain began offering the impromptu deal yesterday, which allows customers 50 percent off any pizza. Conveniently, to match up with more strikes across the country, the promotion runs through Sunday. And while that driver who filed the wage and class-action lawsuit probably won’t be bringing you cheesy bread in person, he would likely remind you to tip well all the same.

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Domino’s Follows Up Massive Lawsuit With Really Wonderful Deal on Pizza