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Paula Deen Products Pulled From Kmart and Sears; Deen’s Ex Speaks Out

It's not looking good.
It’s not looking good.

Two more corporations have announced they will dissolve ties with Paula Deen, leaving the embattled celebrity chef and entrepreneur in an ever-more-difficult position of trying to salvage her foundering brand. Sears Holdings Corp., parent of both Sears and Kmart, wrote that after “careful consideration of all available information” it would remove all Deen co-branded merchandise from stores. Meanwhile, a Walgreens spokesperson tells HuffPo it was also “phasing out” similar products, which include food and cookware.

Food Network announced one week ago it would not renew Paula Deen’s contract; since then, Smithfield Foods, Walmart, QVC, Home Depot, Target, Novo Nordisk, and Caesar’s Entertainment have followed suit.

Paula’s ex-husband Jimmy Deen blasted various media parties in the Albany Herald today and said that the corporations aren’t doing the right thing by consumers. “They passed judgment, told American shoppers that they shouldn’t buy any of Paula’s products,” he said. “They essentially said they would dictate what products Americans should buy and the hell with what anybody else thought.”

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Paula Deen Products Pulled From Kmart and Sears; Deen’s Ex Speaks Out