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16 Outraged Paula Deen Fans React to Food Network Firing on Facebook

Deen, in happier times.
Deen, in happier times. Photo: Food Network

Despite two YouTube apologies, it was announced this afternoon that the celebrity chef and restaurateur had been let go by the Food Network. The prospect of no more Paula Deen on television has angered more than a few fans, who’ve since taken to the network’s Facebook page to give voice to their protest. Straight ahead, a few of the rawest and angriest reactions to the announcement.

• “just unliked your page and hope everyone else does the same!!!!!!!!!!!!1”

• “You all just made a huge mistake!!! She is the only reason I have cable!”

• “add me to the many who will no longer support your magazine or shows. People make mistakes because we’re human. She apologized. When did we all become so perfect and judgmental? Please reconsider - Paula is AWESOME - she’s an evolving creative lady and has made your company a LOT of $$$ - this is not how you repay her.”

• “Shame on you for dropping Paula Dsan.”

• “what a bunch of JERKS you all are for firing Paula Deen for something she said years ago!!! No more Food Network for me, I push for a Boycott of your network!!!!!!!”

• “Bob Tuschman is the CEO - Spinleess”

• ” Yet Robert Irvine is still on, forgave him but not Paula ??”

• “If you’re interested in a legitimate work from home opportunity let me know! No prior experience or degree needed. We get paid every Friday via paper check or direct deposit. It’s a great way to create an extra stream of income. Friend request me and send a message to my inbox for more info; Opportunity available in the US and Canada. SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY!” [Note: Unclear this is addressed to Deen or someone else]

• “I will NEVER EVER EFFIN’ NEVER watch Food Network again.”

• “I hope this move hits you hard in your pockets”

• “Ok, how about lety’s ask the Nealys of they EVER said the N word. Oh, I forgot, if a person is black it’s a term of endearment. BS a word is what it IS. I’ll not watch another thing on the food net and I won’t buy another book or magazine. Meantime I’m going to buy all of Paula’s books. Shame on you.”

• “Can we fire Obama for going to an Anti American and anti white church????”

• “They keep taking our comments down! BOYCOTT BOYCOTT!”

• “I love Paula Dean!! Firing her is Ridiculous!!! Guess its only ok for rappers to use this magic word!!! I wonder how many people have said things that they regret, most of the people on your network I’ll bet!!”

• “I will be canceling my magazine subscription as well!”

• “Free speech you bunch of assholes. So done with your show!!”

Bonus Outrage

• “Cowards…..what happened to freedom of speech? USA is looked upon as pussies. Thanks Obama…. And she said it in 1985 dumbasses!”

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16 Outraged Paula Deen Fans React to Food Network Firing on Facebook