Introducing the Pa’Zing, a Chicken Wing Dressed Up Like a Pepperoni Pizza

The Pa'Zing abyss starts here.
The Pa’Zing abyss starts here. Photo: Courtesy of Calypso Wings/Facebook

About twelve hours ago, a soon-to-open restaurant in Atlanta called Calypso Wings took to Facebook to show off several aspects of its new, under-development signature product, which is called the Pa’Zing. Basically, it’s wings topped with melted cheese and pepperoni.

Though the shop isn’t yet open, Pa’Zings have been viewed almost 1 million times in the last twelve hours, all because of Reddit. We’re not going full cronut on this one, but because true chicken-wing innovations are few and far between, we’ll support the Pa’Zing. Just this once. (Calypso Wings also sells PB&J; wings, Buffalo Soldier wings, and, of course, Garlic Ninja wings, all of which help boost Calypso Wings’ gonzo appeal.)

But the sudden appearance of the Pa’Zing is also problematic, particularly in a day and age when corporate giants like Burger King and Yum! Brands are getting a significant amount of play from novelty burgers and things like the car French fry holder or the hands-free Whopper apparatus. There’s no doubt that social networks are doing a lot of the heavier lifting and circulating brand names, a feat once accomplished mostly with vast advertising budgets. It’s especially entertaining to see a small chicken-wing shop get so much traction online in such a short time period. At least until next month, or whenever Cheesy Pepperoni Wingzaz start showing up on Domino’s flyers, anyhow.

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Introducing the Pa’Zing, a Chicken Wing Dressed Up Like a Pepperoni Pizza