Milk & Honey Drops Reservation Policy, Introduces ‘Joni Mitchell Blue Hour’

Just walk on in.
Just walk on in.

Cocktailier Sasha Petraske is no longer taking reservations at Milk & Honey on 23rd Street. The place already accepted walk-ins, but now that will be the norm: “The rate of no-calls, no-shows went up by a factor of five from the downtown location,” Petraske tells Grub Street, suggesting the ease of online reservations was part of the problem.

“I understand that restaurants do take credit card numbers and charge people for no-shows, but I know I’d never really do that,” Petraske said.

So Milk & Honey is now first-come first-served. À la Death & Co., patrons turned away at the door when the bar is full can leave their phone numbers and will get a text when a spot opens up.

(Milk & Honey “frequent customers” — those who pay an annual fee and come regularly during the week — will still be able to make reservations if they’d like.)

There’s more: Every Monday night between 3 a.m. and 3:35 a.m. (so, technically, Tuesday morning), Petraske will hop behind the bar, play Joni Mitchell’s entire Blue album — and everyone drinks for free.

Milk & Honey Drops Reservation Policy, Introduces ‘Joni Mitchell