Annoying California Chef Gets Death Threats From Foie Gras Protesters

Ron Levi.
Ron Levi. Photo: CBS San Francisco

Ron Levi, whom this ultra-serious CBS news report bills as “one of the best doughnut chefs around,” created the gimmicky line of sweets sold at Psycho Donuts in California. He’s now also been threatened with physical violence and more for announcing plans to serve foie gras today. Levi says he was just looking to do something nice for National Doughnut Day, which is not a real thing but is nonetheless celebrated by most everyone who makes a living selling doughnuts. Psycho Donuts has more than 30 kinds to begin with, but somehow he settled instead on making “Foie Bombs,” foie gras–mousse-filled bombolone topped with crispy sage and a honey-fig-balsamic gastrique. Foie gras is illegal in California, of course, which is why the proprietor has to give it away at no charge and also the reason why he had to stash his foie in a “secret location” when the threats came in. What’s the point of all this? Grab your gavage tube, and let’s find out.

His actual culinary motivation? “Your tastebuds are just going to explode in all the different parts of your mouth,” he says. “So It’s going to be a real experience to eat.” Oh, what a good reason. Thanks, Mr. Psycho Donut.

Moreover, Levi engineered a PR stunt that would be “great for business,” and knew protestors would freak out. He knew he’d get a chance to frame the narrative of a small business owner not caving into threats and intimidation. We’re not defending them, but maybe this is why hacktivists are going all Julian Assange on foie gras producers and stealing data about their customers to post online. Bomboloni or no bomboloni, Levi is aggravating the debate by pretending to be a part of it, and that’s just not cool.

Also, gastriques went out of style a long time ago.

South Bay Chef Gets Death Threats Over Foie Gras Donuts [CBS San Francisco]

Annoying California Chef Gets Death Threats From Foie Gras Protesters