We Have A Winner For Two Tickets To The Cochon 555 After-Party

“Here, invisible yet strong, was the taboo of the old life.” Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

This Sunday, May 5, Cochon 555 comes back to L.A. to team five celebrated restaurants with five heritage pigs, pushing their chefs to cook a short menu of nose-to-tail dishes for both a people’s choice and judge’s prize that will lead them to the Cochon 555 finale next month. Earlier this week, we kicked off a contest to offer one of our readers two tickets to the Cochon 555 After-Party at the House of Blues’ Foundation Room, going down with a barbecue from Short Order’s Christian Page, along with pork gorditas, meat-cups, bourbon SnoCones, tequila and mezcal slush puppies, DJs, and ever more booze and pork. After reading through the many, many entries, we’ve finally picked a winner, who will get two free tickets, a combined value of $110. So, who won?

We asked you what crazy pork dish you were most looking forward to and got a lot of responses, from those who wanted to see a fine-dining version of scrapple (which Ben Ford has made at the event in the past) to a dude who literally wrote, “Time to get down on some pig testicles and anus.” But there can only be one winner, and that sick puppy isn’t it.

Instead, our judges voted for reader Vicki Morton, who gave us a hearty chuckle by asking for: “A roasted pig head on a stick a la The Lord of Flies.” Of course, Vicki won’t be disappointed when she runs into one of Lindy & Grundy’s severed pig heads, and we’ll see what we can do about cooking that sucker up.

Congratulations Vicki, we’ll see you on Sunday at Cochon 555’s after-party. Thanks to all of our readers who entered.

We Have A Winner For Two Tickets To The Cochon 555 After-Party