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Tsujita Dreams Of Ramen Jiro

Tsujita Annex's ramen
Tsujita Annex’s ramen Photo: Zach brooks/Midtown Lunch

After hooking L.A. on its tonkotsu and tsukemen ramen, umami-rich bowls denied to its clientele at dinner, Tsujita has a new style of noodle to offer at The Annex, the new Sawtelle space newly opened across the street by the Japanese import. Midtown Lunch pays a visit to find that this ramen-only depot is serving ramen Jiro, inspired by the Tokyo cult favorite restaurant of the same name.

It’s apparently nothing like Tsujita’s in-demand tonkotsu and tsukemen, and “nothing like any of the other bowls of ramen in Los Angeles either.” Bowls of thicker noodles in a fatty, garlic-laced tonkotsu broth with added shoyu stock, “rough cut” tenderloin char siu, egg, bean sprouts and cabbage, the new style is served aside condiments like freshly pressed garlic, black pepper, and Japanese chili powder.

The widespread Jiro chain has experienced its share of controversy from ramen purists, who once expressed dismay with the udon-like girth of the glutenous noodles among other deviations from tradition.

CNN’s Andrew Szymanski called the style, “an acquired taste,” while The Guardian named it as one of “The Best 50 Foods in the World.”

The Annex will next introduce a miso version of these Jiro-style noodles, deliriously driving demand at both of the ramen shops just as we’d hoped the newly opened location would alleviate our cravings for great quality Japanese noodles.

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Tsujita Dreams Of Ramen Jiro