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Why You Should Take Mom to Hooters on Mother’s Day

“You’re wearing that outside over my dead body!” Photo: Flippunkrocker/Flickr

Hooters is totally trying to bag your mom this Sunday. According to USA Today, the ribald restaurant chain has a new dining deal in honor of Mother’s Day, offering every mom a free entree with any order of a much-deserved drink. And moms actually have to bring a kid in for proof, exposing the two most innocent relatives of the family unit to this antithesis of a family-friendly destination. The freebie is all part of the breastaurant chain’s transparent strategy to be viewed as less sleazy and capture the maternal demographic that has so long eluded its servers’ tiny pum-pum shorts and teensy-weensy baby tees. So let’s make reservations: Obviously, Mom is gonna be really stoked.

Celebrating moms surely can’t be a total anomaly at Hooters. Aren’t Dads mostly the ones to blame for the entire existence of the place, as well as the career choices of much of its service staff?

Still, one restaurant consultant disses the deal doting on dear mother, calling it, “like offering Weight Watchers customers a free meal with dessert at The Cheesecake Factory.” Bad comparisons aside, there’s simply no question that this is the best possible plan for spending Sunday with the woman who bore you.

Just think: You’ll pay nothing for mama’s meal. Dad won’t be around to lech on the waitresses and make pervy jokes. And your mom will have a few dozen captive servers in questionable outfits to cast her critical eye and “tsk-tsks” on. Win, win, everybody.

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Why You Should Take Mom to Hooters on Mother’s Day