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Stevie Wonder Celebrates Birthday At H.O.M.E.; Denzel Detoxes at M Cafe

Denzel Photo: Patrick McMullan Company

When it comes to celebrity sighting schadenfreude, everything fails in comparison to seeing Kanye West slam his already swollen head on a metal sign outside of 9021Pho this week, shortly before someone scratched up his $750,000 Lamborghini. Nonetheless, we are duty-bound to report the latest in where stars eat and just have to soldier on. This week, Robert Pattinson caught forty winks in the car after a night out at Chateau Marmont, Puffy had his ride pulled over outside of Soho House, Stevie Wonder stopped by H.O.M.E. to celebrate his special day, Denzel detoxed with a visit to M Cafe, and Bullworth mates Warren Beatty and Halle Berry narrowly missed each other at Rivabella. For all this and more, check out this week’s celebrity restaurant sightings.

Beverly Hills: That Real Housewives lady, Lisa Vanderpump, scouted locations for her new restaurant you’re never going to go to. [Daily Mail]

Chateau Marmont: Robert Pattinson proved just how nice it must be to have a driver. [Hollywood Life]

Hakkasan Las Vegas: Vanessa Hudgens, J. Lo, Axl Rose, and Kelsey Grammar were all raging here on Saturday for Tiesto’s show. [HLV]

H.O.M.E.: Stevie Wonder celebrated his birthday with a night out in Beverly Hills. [VS]

Kate Mantilini: The celebrity hangout got a shout-out in one of the best lines of the Glee season four finale. [Daily Mail UK]

M Café: Denzel Washington came in for a detox juice, tuna salad, and dilled tofu salad, with theories that he was coming from a big workout. [GS]

Rivabella: Halle Berry ate for two last night.Warren Beatty showed up as well. Could a Bullworth sequel be in the works? [Daily Mail UK]

Soho House: Sean “P. Whateverthefuckyoucallhimnow” Combs had his ride pulled over after stopping to enter the club, with some snitch reporting a gun in the car. The driver and bodyguard were let go when LAPD found nothing. Welcome to Los Angeles. [LAist]

Stanley’s: Kim Kardashian and her baby wore clear heels this week. [The Grio]

Whole Foods: January Jones apparently purchased a small human child at the grocery store. [Celebuzz]

Stevie Wonder Celebrates Birthday At H.O.M.E.; Denzel Detoxes at M Cafe