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Check Out a Menu For Scratch Bar, Now Starting Previews Before June Debut

Scratch Bar
Scratch Bar Photo: Scratch Bar

Scratch Bar, former D’Cache chef Phillip Frankland Lee’s forthcoming concept taking over at dinnertime at Santiago Garfunkel’s Hollywood’s Tiago Espresso Bar, is getting ready for its debut in early June. Lee cooked a five-course menu at last night’s Flavors of Los Angeles event, preparing dishes like a trio of “raw-ish” Tasmanian trout and a dry-aged cap steak with sugar blistered tomatoes and potato cream with his team, which includes pastry chef Margarita Lee, sous chef Ryan Duval, and chef de cuisine Joel David Miller.

Lee tells Grub Street the restaurant will hold its first private dinner during a soft-opening this week, followed by a series of seven-course private tastings. Dinners will be semi-open to the public, as Lee is taking requests from people interested in joining, with a “few lucky locals” getting in on the action. If you’re interested in joining in on a preview, email the restaurant for more details. We’ve included the chef’s test menu below, currently under development, so you can get a taste of what Scratch Bar might be offering as its opening date draws nearer.

Scratch Bar, 7080 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood; 323-466-5600.


3ea Roasted Oyster on the half shell
4 Bread and Butter
5 Lemon & Parmesan Chips
5 Mushroom Cappuccino
7 Puffed Anchovies & Bone Marrow

8 Blackened Cauliflower (v)
11 Ox Marrow Brioche
11 900 Degree Hen’s Egg
12 Circulated and Chilled Coffee
13 Trio of Raw(ish) Tasmanian Ocean Trout
13 Shaved Garden Vegetables (v)
14 Smoking Goat’s Milk Cheese (v)
15 Warm Hamachi with Sweetbreads & Grapefruit
15 Strawberries and Champagne (v)
15 Instant Pork Soup (from concentrate)
16 Potted Squash and Blossoms with King Crab

15 Brussels Sprouts on the Vine (v)
15 Pork Belly & Raw Oyster
16 Local Squid & Mushrooms
17 Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast
19 Poached Tasmanian Ocean Trout
22 Dry Aged Ribeye Cap

22 Country Fried Whole Sweetbreads
23 Selection of House Cured Meats ie; Pig Head, Cow Heart, Duck Liver

9 Burnt Vanilla Bean Affogato
9 Warm Chestnut and Orange Soup
9 Today’s Ice Cream & Sorbet

3 courses plus bites….45 : choose one starter, one main, one dessert
Vegetarian plus bites….55 : items are denoted (v), choose one dessert
6 courses plus bites….75 : choose three starters, two mains, one dessert
Additional Chef Tastings available only at the SCRATCH BAR! Ask your server for more info

(v) remove the cheese and make these veggie options vegan

Check Out a Menu For Scratch Bar, Now Starting Previews Before June Debut