Pesce Relocating to the Jake’s/2223 Space in the Castro

We caught sight of a new ownership notice at 2223 Market Street back in March, but it turns out there was more to the story. Pesce (2227 Polk Street), the popular Russian Hill Venetian restaurant that opened in 2002, is actually going to relocate to the space in the coming months, as the Scoop reports. Pesce marked the first partnership between restaurateur Adriano Paganini and chef Ruggero Gadaldi, who have gone on to open the very successful family of restaurants that includes Beretta, Delarosa, and Starbelly. And this is terrific news for the Castro, given the widespread vacancies that have plagued the neighborhood for the last year, despite an uptick in the economy.

Pesce is moving due to the constraints of the small space on Polk Street, and the reborn restaurant is expected to open with the exact same, Venetian-inspired and seafood-heavy menu, possibly as soon as August.

Pesce joins the recently opened Dante’s Table and Fable on Castro Street, the upcoming Beaux in the former Trigger space, and the proposed Randy Rooster burlesque club in the march to fill the ‘hood’s vacancies.

Still empty are Blue (2337 Market Street), Home (Church and Market, which may become a Chipotle), and the neverending vacancy story that is The Patio (531 Castro Street).

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Pesce Relocating to the Jake’s/2223 Space in the Castro