Downtown’s Peking Tavern Turns To Kickstarter To Complete Its Bar

Got the t-shirt, just needs the bar
Got the t-shirt, just needs the bar Photo: Peking Tavern/Kickstarter

Peking Tavern, the ambitious new Chinese gastropub bringing authentic dim sum, a full bar, and contemporary Beijing street eats to Downtown L.A., appears to be navigating less secure waters than it was last fall, when co-owner Andrew Chiu told Squid Ink, “Our food is going to be totally authentic and comparable to, if not better than the best of SGV has to offer.” Originally slated for a debut before the end of 2012, it appears the restaurant is now taking to Kickstarter in search of $35,000 to complete its bar.

On the fundraising site, Chiu explains that, “In total, the two of us already spent over two years (and plenty of money) developing Peking Tavern in terms of location search, chef and mixologist selection, menu testing, designing, pulling permits, and building out. Now we’re just about 6 weeks away from completing the build-out and soft opening.”

In a video look at the concept, the two owners (both named Andrew) offer more details on what Peking Tavern is hoping to offer, like beef rolls, potstickers, and Zhajiang noodles, with cocktails from Cari Ha. Along the way, they also pave the way for a new Italian wine and Roman pizza concept and a small food-less bar that are also coming to the building at the NCT Lofts.

Take a look, and if you can spare a dime, you will be thanked with words and, if it’s enough dimes, gifts.

Peking Tavern - Bringing New Gastropub to Downtown LA [Kickstarter]

Downtown’s Peking Tavern Turns To Kickstarter To Complete Its Bar