Peking Duck Banh Mi Is, Like, Totally a Philly Thing Now

Mi Dac Ky's Peking Duck banh mi
Mi Dac Ky’s Peking Duck banh mi Photo: Mi Dac Ky

There’s certainly no shortage of great sandwiches to be found in and around this town. From stingy, gristly steaks at Pat’s to the gut-busting beauties at Paesano’s — not to mention that insane Joey Baldino guest sandwich at American Sardine Bar this month — we are truly blessed when it comes layering and stuffing delicious things between slices of bread. But just when we thought we had seen and ate them all, here comes a new entry into our pantheon of sandwich awesomeness. It’s being billed simultaneously as a Chinese-Vietnamese “hoagie” and a Peking duck banh mi, and Wayne Trang is serving them at his newly opened Mi Dac Ky in South Philly’s New World Plaza at Sixth Street and Washington Avenue.

Though not completely original, Peking Duck banh mis have been served at places like Yushi and Saigon Shack in New York, and The Diamond in Vancouver, Canada for years. Still, as best as we can tell it’s a first for Philly. Trang assembles them with his own boneless Peking Duck, housemade duck liver pate, cucumber, carrots, jalapeños and cilantro, and stuffs it all into a crusty French baguette. And at just $4.95 a piece, you’d better believe this is going to quickly become one of the most popular cheap lunches around.

Mi Dac Ky, 636 Washington Avenue, (267) 239-5169

Peking Duck Banh Mi Is, Like, Totally a Philly Thing Now