Papa John’s Delivery Driver Proves Racist Pocket Dials Are Much Worse Than Racist Receipts

Deplorable. Photo: Mary-Louise Price; Photos: iStockphoto (fire), Papa Johns (logo)

A Papa John’s employee in Sanford, Florida, unintentionally redialed the number of his last delivery customer on Sunday night and pretty much immediately launched into a racist tirade that included a song in addition to complaints about his tip and the man’s wife. Race is a central issue in Sanford, the city where George Zimmerman fatally shot Trayvon Martin last year, and in the surrounding communities. The local franchise manager confirms that the driver and another employee were fired after the voice mail appeared on YouTube and WorldStarHipHop, and the fast-food company’s management has since apologized for the incident on Facebook.

Because this latest incident occurred at a moment when there have also been a sufficient number of so-called racist receipts at fast-food places to warrant a year-end retrospective, it’s probably time to broadly redefine the meaning of “employee training” to extend beyond things like hand-washing and wearing gloves while slicing lettuce with a new section that includes material that covers, in no uncertain terms, when to keep your own hateful opinions to yourself. (Hint: It’s all the time.)

Papa John’s Employee Butt-Dials Customer, Leaves Racist Voicemail [Gawker]
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Papa John’s Delivery Driver Proves Racist Pocket Dials Are Much Worse Than