What to Eat at Noord, Opening Wednesday Near East Passyunk Avenue

Noord's new sign
Noord’s new sign Photo: Collin Keefe

Looks like it’s just about all systems go for Noord. Grub caught up with Joncarl Lachman this afternoon at his opening-in-any-second restaurant near East Passyunk Avenue to find he and partner Bob Moysan sweating out the final details ahead of tomorrow’s final inspection. After that’s complete, they expect to open the doors, and go all in. “No, we’re not doing any mock service, soft openings or anything like that,” Lachman told Grub Street. “We kind of got that out of the way with the pop-up at Farm and the Fisherman back in April.”

Lachman is a little overwhelmed by the tremendous generosity neighboring restaurants have extended while Noord was coming together. Paradiso chef-owner Lynn Rinaldi made a corner of her basement prep kitchen available to Lachman and his kitchen staff so they could cook for Flavors of the Avenue and Share Our Strength. Will BYOB’s Chris Kearse put he and Moysan up for a few days while the apartments above Noord where they plan to live were still in the throes of construction. And when they open tomorrow as a BYOB, their neighbors at Fond, Lee Styer, Jessie Prawlucki, and Tory Keomanivong will have a selection of brews that work well with the restaurant’s Northern European-inspired plates stocked, chilled and ready for take-out.

The menu (pasted below) is split simply by appetizers and main course. Smaller plates include the Broodjes Haring (a.k.a. herring hoagies) that were such a big hit at the aforementioned Flavors of the Avenue and Taste of the Nation, as well as grilled head-on prawns served “North Sea-style” with citrus butter, chives, and dill; pork belly uitsmijter with sunnyside duck egg, melted edam cheese, brioche toast, greens, pickle, sesame-truffle vinaigrette; and a daily changing Smorrebrod option. Lareger plates include rotisserie Lancaster County chicken stuffed with herbs, and served with schmaltz-ey root vegetables, and green salad; Amsterdam style beer-steamed mussels with garlic, fennel, star anise, dried basil, and fingerling fries; and Konijn in het Zuur, rabbit leg confit, smoked sausage, lardons, baby turnips, and zuurkool. Prices range from $9 to $28.


Broodjes Haring
mini herring sandwiches, cucumber, pickled onion, on a dinnerroll 9

braised and fried pork meatballs, nutmeg, mustard, salad 10

Chopped Chicken and Duck Liver
atjar tjampoer, warm baguette 11

Seared Diver Scallop
mustard soup, caviar, tarragon oil, rye croutons 12

Grilled Head-on Prawns
North Sea style citrus butter, chives, dill 12

Pork Belly Uitsmijter
sunnyside duck egg, melted edam cheese, brioche toast, greens, pickle, sesame-truffle vinaigrette 12

house smoked fish & open faced sandwich board (changes daily)….17

a selection of northern cheeses served with accompaniments & grilled brown bread 17

Main Courses

Lightly Roasted Spring Vegetables
sweet garlic butter, lemon, dressed parsley salad (changes daily) 17

Rotisserie Lancaster Co. ½ Chicken
herb stuffed, schmaltz-ey root vegetables, green salad 18

Grilled Lamb Burger
Suriname curry, melted gouda, roasted tomato, greens, aioli, fingerling fries 18

Amsterdam Style Mussels
beer-steamed, garlic, fennel, star anise, dried basil, fingerling fries 19

Jerusalem Artichoke Stuffed Rainbow Trout
sweet onion, mustard three ways 24

Seared Norwegian Salmon “Lohikeitto”
chowder, leeks, baby potatoes, coriander, herbs 24

Beef Tenderloin “Ossenhaas”
pearl barley, wild mushrooms, spinach, brown sugar pan sauce 25

Konijn in het Zuur
rabbit leg confit, smoked sausage, lardons, baby turnips, zuurkool 26

Shellfish Waterzooi or Choucroute
mussels, clams, shrimp, prawns and seasonal vegetables 28

Noord, 1046 Tasker Street, (267) 909-9704

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What to Eat at Noord, Opening Wednesday Near East Passyunk Avenue