Nic’s Takes A Tasting Tour of 30 Rare Vodkas And Osetra Burgers Tonight

Get it while it's cold.
Get it while it’s cold. Photo: Nico Nelson

You know those people that say vodka has no taste, or all tastes the same? Those people are dumb. The spirit, produced for eons in a range of distinct and regional Eastern European recipes, can be distilled with traditional grains, fruits, grasses, and roots and flavored with whatever one desires. Literally whatever one desires. Despite bastardization into whatever the hell this kind of thing is all about, the Slavic tonic still carries countless variations in texture and taste, both subtle and strong. If you won’t believe a writer with a jumble of clunky consonants clogging up their byline, Nic’s Beverly Hills intends to do the job tonight at its second annual “Vodka Symposium After-Party.”

The party, running from 7:00 P.M. to closing, starts with a short talk by Tasting Panel editor-in-chief Anthony Dias Blue, followed by a walking tour of 30 curated selections of the spirit and a mixology showcase offering cocktails. Vodkas include Potocki (the only place in the state to carry it, according to organizers), Jewel of Russia, Jean Marc XO, and Kauffman.

In addition to the tastings, this Beverly Hills staple will also have a burlesque band and showgirl beauty contest and runway on hand. The kitchen will serve a steady selection of eats, like mini baked potatos with Osetra caviar, burgers en croute with aged gouda, lamb pizza with tahini and sumac, and lavender-infused duck tacos with brussel bacon hash.

Reservations for the $75 party can be obtained via email or by calling Jessica at 310-550-5707.

Nic’s Takes A Tasting Tour of 30 Rare Vodkas And Osetra Burgers Tonight