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Watch the Trailer for Mixology, ABC’s New Show Set in a Busy Cocktail Bar

Is the big-box neo-speakeasy at the center of ABC’s forthcoming Mixology the second coming of Central Perk from Friends? Who knows, but the trailer, which was presented with the remainder of the network’s new crop of comedies earlier this week, looks like something aliens would come up with if they were trying to infiltrate Earth and were forced to rummage through the Zeitgeist of nightlife blogs and PR e-mails for material. The premise involves a badger-faced young guy with friends who say things like “big booties are what’s in, dude” who gets dumped by his fiancée but then attempts to rebound at a swanky bar called the Mix, where bartenders muddle mint with one hand, Angostura bitters flow with the barbs, and the lives of some umpteen strangers are inexorably intertwined like juniper and Tanqueray, or something like that, over the course of one single night that will change their lives forever. Since the night takes place over one season, this is really a lot like 24 at STK. Or maybe Die Hard if John McClane had learned to hard-shake instead of shoot European terrorists. Anyhow, judge for yourself, straight ahead.

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Watch the Trailer for Mixology, ABC’s New Show Set in a Busy