Micky’s Sued In West Hollywood Over Lewd Conduct

It's very hard to play penis ring toss under this lighting
It’s very hard to play penis ring toss under this lighting Photo: Micky’s

If you ever had any doubt that someone is having way more fun than you in this city, consider Micky’s, West Hollywood’s hard-partying gay bar. Alleged activities such as a “penis ring toss,” public masturbation, and drinking shots out of a male stripper’s butt crack are landing the venue in court. Nine former employees are suing Micky’s over civil rights violations that include lewd conduct, racial and sexual discrimination, and creating a sexually hostile work environment.

The nine ex-employees, whose sexual orientations are mixed, claim that working while hardcore gay pornography was playing is proof that they “were forced to work in a sexually hostile environment,” with one staffer even spying his own roommate performing in one of the films.

In another incident documented by the plaintiffs’ lawyers, a stripper was photographed moseying around the club with semen on his face and chest. Straight staffers and one African American plaintiff also claim that they were fired for racial and discriminatory reasons.

And the problems don’t end there for Micky’s. The state of California is also investigating the place for fourteen counts of lewd conduct, with the latest lawsuit marking the eleventh time the bar has been sued over labor issues (eight of which were previously dismissed).

The salacious accusations run on and on, and you can read all about them on WeHoVille today. And if it sounds like a pretty good time, you’re free to find the bar, or avoid it entirely, at 8857 Santa Monica Blvd.

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Micky’s Sued In West Hollywood Over Lewd Conduct