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Micah Wexler Bringing Dead Chefs To Dinner at Umamicatessen

Bring Out Your Dead: Wexler and Kassar
Bring Out Your Dead: Wexler and Kassar Photo: Cathy Chaplin/Gastronomy

Starting next month, Micah Wexler will start bringing back the dead. The former Craft and Mezze chef will continue his stint at Umamicatessen’s pop-up banner, “The Residency,” where he recently devoted a series of menus to the culinary highlights of our own legendary boulevards in a sold-out series called “Live and Dine in L.A.” with partner Mike Kassar. On June 6, Wexler will return to the Downtown restaurant concept with a series called “Dead Chefs,” in which he’ll honor and explore the legacy of a different kitchen icon each week through July. The exact lineup is yet to be revealed, though Wexler is hinting at Bernard Loiseau, Brillat-Savarin, Julia Child, and James Beard, among the subjects. The chef’s menus will be priced at $60, with a $30 additional cost for wine pairings. But Wexler won’t be the only chef serving The Residency in the next few weeks, as Sharone Hakman, known for his Hak’s BBQ line of sauces and appearance on Master Chef is also appearing at Umamicatessen.

Starting this Saturday, May 18, Hakman will kick off a series called “BBQ Elevated,” offering an “upscale interpretation of barbecue” from around the globe based on what he’s gathered from his own R&D; adventures. There’s currently no word on whether this includes barbacoa, Central Texas brisket, jerk goat, or a full Argentine asado, but chances are you’ll get your fill of meat for the $72 menu price, with a $30 option for alcohol pairings.

The Residency, to remind you, takes place in the center of Umamicatessen at an impromptu chef’s table seating twelve guests at a time. Reservations, which could go quickly, and seating information can be found by calling the restaurant at 213-413-8626.

Micah Wexler Bringing Dead Chefs To Dinner at Umamicatessen