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Tampa Restaurant Selling Lion-Meat Tacos Doing It All Wrong

Don't even go there.
Don’t even go there.

South Tampa’s Taco Fusion has only been selling tacos stuffed with lion meat for a few days now, apparently, but predictably, the Tampa Tribune reports, there’s already been a bit of an up-roooar! among local diners. Animal activists and former customers have been leaving all kinds of nasty messages on the restaurant’s Facebook page, seemingly to the amusement of Taco Fusion, which also sells camel and gator versions with pico de gallo. “If you guys are mad now,” management replied, “just wait till you see what we do next.”

It’s all fine, really, considering that lion meat is out there, and all kinds of big-game-hunter-inspired restaurants and intrepid pop-ups play that somewhat specious gastronautics card from time to time. Proponents of lion-meat consumption argue that while the animal’s worldwide conservation status may be one step short of endangered, meat that’s available domestically has been farmed and slaughtered here and is, in a way, more or less just fair game.

But in Florida, the appearance of novelty lion-meat tacos doesn’t seem to be as much of a problem as the medium. The Tampa Tribune talks to satisfied customers who went ahead and paid $35 a piece for their lion tacos. Seriously? $35 for some meat, a tortilla, some shredded lettuce, and whatever sauce? There’s nothing bold about that lunch order; it’s just kind of stupid.

Update: Eater reports that Taco Fusion has taken its expensive “lion meat promotion” off the menu.

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Tampa Restaurant Selling Lion-Meat Tacos Doing It All Wrong